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Meeker County Business Broadband Survey

Survey Information and Instructions
Meeker County is conducting a Broadband/Internet Study to assess the current level of broadband Internet service and demand in the area. Your responses are important--we need your input to help us identify current areas of need. Please fill-out one survey for each business even if there is more than one business at a single address. The business survey is for businesses whether they are home-based or not. We are also interested in your personal use of the Internet; please consider filling out the separate Residential Broadband/Internet Survey. We thank you for your participation!
Please supply your full street address with street or road number.
My business needs better landline telephone service
My business needs better cellular telephone services
My business needs better Internet/data service
My business needs better cable/satellite TV service
We are satisfied with all of our services
The following note is for Questions 16 and 17: Respond “None” if you choose not to subscribe to one or more of these services. Respond “NA” if one or more of these services are not available in your area.