Montgomery County Broadband Gap Survey

Survey Explanations and Instructions
WideOpen Networks and Montgomery County intend to work together to achieve the goal of comprehensive broadband coverage across all of the county. With the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act(ARPA) by Congress, the federal government has authorized the distribution of billions of dollars in COVID recovery funds. These funds were awarded to state and local governments all across the entirety of the US for the purposes of helping our communities rebound from the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Montgomery County has received a considerable amount of these recovery funds and has listed broadband as a key focus of its efforts. This survey is a public interest and information gathering tool. The results of this survey will help shape and inform the deployment strategies for broadband Internet to all households.
Note on Privacy and Confidentiality
Please provide a complete street address. Your answers to this survey and any personal information you give us will be kept entirely confidential. The address information provided will be used to identify specific geographic areas that are the most in need and are also eligible for broadband relief funds.
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Follow up contact information:
Montgomery County or WideOpen Networks may wish to follow up with any survey takers to gather additional information to support their efforts to secure funds, or to keep folks informed on any critical updates. Any contact information provided will be kept entirely confidential and will not be sold, transferred, or distributed.
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