New North Wisconsin Residential Broadband Survey

Survey Information and Instructions
New North Inc. is a non-profit company focused on fostering cooperation and collaboration between the public and private sector on the subjects of business and economic development in the 18 counties of NE Wisconsin, know as the New North region. New North Inc. has asked Design Nine to conduct a broadband survey to identify areas of need and to help bring better and more affordable broadband service to all homes and businesses in the region. Your participation in this survey is extremely important, as it will help develop the business case to bring better Internet to your county. The results will help determine where the need is greatest. Your response is confidential. If you are a business located inside any of the New North member counties, please take the business survey at the following link:
Please provide your full street address with street or road number.
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I need better landline telephone service
I need better cellular telephone services
I need better Internet/data service
I need better Internet for Covid-19 work from home
I am satisfied with all my services
I have trouble loading pictures to my social media account(s)
I have trouble viewing online videos/lectures/movies/tv shows
I have trouble using the Internet when others are using it
I have trouble using FaceTime, Skype, or other video chats
I do not have trouble performing any of these activities