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Region VI Residential Broadband Survey

Survey Information and Instructions
The Region VI Planning & Development Counties are conducting a broadband feasibility study to determine the need for, and seek the best path to a comprehensive broadband network. The results will help the team determine where the need is greatest and help guide us on how to ensure that all citizens and businesses have affordable and adequate access to broadband services. If you wish to respond to the Business version of the survey please follow this link:
Please provide your full street address with street or road number.
I need better landline telephone service
I need better cellular telephone services
I need better Internet/data service
I need better cable/satellite TV service
I am satisfied with all my services
I have trouble loading pictures to my social media account(s)
I have trouble viewing online videos/lectures/movies/tv shows
I have trouble using the Internet when others are using it
I have trouble using facetime, Skype, or other video chats
I do not have trouble performing any of these activities
The following note is for Questions 17 and 18: Respond “None” if you choose not to subscribe to one or more of these services. Respond “NA” if one or more of these services are not available in your area.